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What Made him Revert and Spread the Beauty of Islam?

An Incredible Story by Mohammed Stefan Leca

I was traveling long back in Turkey as a tourist. By mistake, at night I missed my way so I stopped a person and asked him: “Can you tell me where is this address?” I showed him the brochure of the hotel and he said: “There is no hotel in this village, but please I want you to be my guest.”

I stayed in his random place, it was dark, I couldn’t see anything, I could see only his five children and two old ladies. I said this place is safe for me and my wife. That man invited us for a very simple dinner. The way he treated us made us feel very comfortable. And then he said: “You sleep here, we have other place.”

Next day, when I woke up, I could see that there was only that room and his brother with his five children with his mother and his wife were sleeping outside the room under the tree… it was a cold and freezing night. I was shocked. I told him:

“Are you crazy? Why did you do that?”

He looked at me smiling and said:

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“I’m not crazy, but you are travelers and I have to give you whatever I have because I am a Muslim.”

When he said that his face was shining and I was very much shocked. My wife started to cry. I said:

“Look, what do you know about Islam?”

He said:

“I don’t have very much knowledge about Islam, but you can read the book of the Quran and Sunnah and then you’ll know about Islam.

Immediately, I went to the library, I bought a Quran and book of Hadith and started to read. I read continuously for about two months. After two month, my heart was opening and I said the Shahadah and became Muslim in 17 January 1993.

From the beginning of my Muslim life, I started Dawah. I traveled to more than 112 countries carrying the logo of “Islam is Peace”. More than a thousand people became Muslims. When I saw that these activities have good result, I decided to do something for Islam in Romania.

In our area, we more than 80.000 Muslims, I decided to build an Islamic center to be a house of teaching people about the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Quran.

My dream is to make this kind of activity allover the world. My target is to let the people to know Islam because if somebody read the Quran with his open heart, definitely he will change his views about Islam and he will follow the words of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

This is my dream, I’m working on it and I wish we’ll finish our Islamic center in Romania and our activity will go on and on because we have a big responsibility.

God gave us a gift to be Muslims, we have to spread this gift to all humanity.