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ICNA 2019: US Reverts Share Their Stories, Call for Support

According to Pew Research, two-thirds of the American born-Muslim population are converts. The religion continues to grow in the United States despite anti-Muslim social and political rhetoric or the targeting of Muslims in public spaces. During the 2019 ICNA national convention (4/18-4/21/19), reverts to the faith shared their stories with attendees. In “The Unheard Voices,” …

Malcolm X Led Me To Islam

Malcolm X Led Me To Islam

Brother Fadi is from Finland and it was through reading a book about Malcolm X that led him to Islam! He learned how to pray and started to pray Fajr before he took his shahada!


About to Convert, Concerned About My Family

Short Answer: Muslims should be the best in goodness and in honoring their family because charity begins at home. As a person who really thinks about converting to Islam, you should also think about introducing Islam to your family and making them enjoy the blessing of knowing the way of Allah and His straight path. _____________________________________ …

Mother Reverts to Islam, Daughter Still Christian

In this counseling answer: •Keep on telling them, but use more actions than words. Let them see what Islam is in your actions, and gradually they may come to Islam by Allah’s mercy and guidance. •Keep making du`aa’ as well. It is a good sign that they fasted in Ramadan, so work with them in small ways. …


An Invitation to Accept Islam and Gain Peace

Short Answer: I tell you with utmost confidence to go ahead and accept Islam and liberate yourself from doubt and uncertainty. This will be the best decision you make in your life. And the two of us will stand together on Judgment Day before The King, and we will remember this moment, and you will be relieved that …

The Nun-To-Be Now Has 9 Children!

Her dad was Muslim, her mother was a catholic. Her mother pushed the catholic teaching on her and wanted her to become a nun. She eventually accepted Islam and has 9 children!

I Had No Choice But To Accept The Truth!

He didn’t want to be a Muslim. He didn’t want to practice Islam but he had no choice but to accept the truth so he had to accept Islam. He had to accept his one true Creator!

just became Muslim

My Friend Just Became a Muslim, What Should I Do to Help?

Short Answer: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, as Jesus said. Whatever you can imagine needing if you made the choice they made, do that for them. First, be a good friend and help them avoid feeling lonely. Also, help them find reliable sources of learning about Islam, but only …

Why Did a Christian PhD Theologian of Bible Embrace Islam?

Why Did a PhD Theologian of Bible Embrace Islam?

What attracts me in Islam is the truth in the Quran. I found many inconsistencies in the Bible, and too many people are worshiping Jesus as if he’s God, and no man can be put before God. It never made sense to me not to my heart. I was looking for truth and nothing has ever felt so right for me.

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