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Following the Beloved Tradition of the Prophet Muhammad

Following a Beloved Tradition of the Prophet Muhammad

I thought this kind of behavior was normal my entire life. If someone visits, of course you should feed them something! I have even experienced guests insist over and over, “Please, we just ate, you do not need to serve us!” and…

What Made him Revert and Spread the Beauty of Islam?

I traveled to more than 112 countries carrying the logo of “Islam is Peace”. More than a thousand people became Muslims. When I saw that these activities have good result, I decided to do something for Islam in Romania…

Amazed by My Father's "Cool" Muslim Guests

My classmates changed from making jokes to asking serious question about Islam and they noticed that Islam is not a religion like the other religions. They noticed Islam is cool! They see that we Muslims have manners in dealing with each other.

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