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I Believe in Allah and Allah Changed My Life

I am Angelica Handson, I’m married to Alaa Zakaria, I have two kids, Abdurrahman and Sherihan. Islam has changed my life a lot.

Before, I used to be very adventurous. When I was young I wanted always to travel and look for adventure.

But whenever an adventure was finished, I used to feel that life is empty. So I was looking for something else. So I traveled to many countries and seen lot of things and made crazy things with my friends… but at the end I always ended up alone, that’s what I was feeling.

I went to Egypt and I came there in contact with Islam and I was impressed by the very poor people that invited me… it’s like the more people are poor, the more they show hospitality. They were sharing their last food with us.

So I was searching for where this tranquility comes from.

And then when I was in Dahab, where I met my husband, and we started talking about the things in the west and I’d defend saying that it’s better… and when I was arguing, I found that Islam has more wisdom in it. He convinced me.

Later on we got married and after that for a few months after, I decide to become Muslim.

The first time I paid zakat, I felt very happy because I feel that there is blessing in our money and in our belongings.

And I think it’s better for the people to pay it because the rich people and the poor people can work together. It’s not like there is a big gap between them that the rich becomes richer and the poor become poorer.

So I wish that there will be no poor and we’ll be happy.