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My Brother Helped Me Convert to Islam

My Brother Helped Me Convert to Islam

When I was eleven, my brother was learning about Islam. I found out in later years that he had actually embraced the religion but kept it somewhat secret. He always told me not to drink alcohol, date, or take drugs and so on.

Swiss Convert Recites Quran Beautifully

Swiss Convert Recites Quran Beautifully!

Here is a Swiss convert to Islam. Listen to how beautifully he recites the Quran, mashAllah. This will really soothe your soul. May Allah bless him and reward him abundantly! What are the benefits of reciting Quran? The Treasures Of Reciting The Quran

6 Tips for New Muslims to Overcome Isolation

6 Tips for New Muslims to Overcome Isolation

One of the strangest things that happens to many new Muslims when they convert is that they suddenly expect all the followers of Islam to follow it to the letter. They think that Muslims are like the Prophet’s companions; and should be ready…

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I Want to Be Muslim: How Do I Convert to Islam?

Short Answer:If anyone is strongly convinced that Islam is the true religion ordained by God, then he/she should take theShahadah to convert to Islam.TheShahadahis the first and the most important of the five pillars of Islam.After your declaration of the testimony of faith, you need to learn more about Islam and practice it according to …

Converts to Islam - Between Religion and Family

Converts to Islam - Balancing Between Religion and Family

Many converts go through similar heart wrenching situations. They convert to Islam after serious thought and consideration and then they have to tell their family about the choice. This is a daunting task and much dread doing it because they fear they will be rejected.

Is Islam a DIY Religion? New Muslims' Challenge - About Islam

Is Islam a DIY Religion? New Muslims' Challenge

It’s an incredible challenge for a new Muslim to find the right path to follow. There seem to be so many different groups, madh-habs and opinions; how on earth can you work out which is the right one? Or in fact if there even is a ‘right path’? The temptation is to do what Helen…

I Was Skeptic, I Found Logic in Islam

I Was a Skeptic Woman, I Found Logic in Islam

I was usually very skeptical about religions but with Islam I felt connected right away. A year went by and I met a lot of Muslims; they were all very kind and peaceful people and they were always willing to answer my questions.

What it is Like to Be a Muslim Convert in the US?

What Is It Like to Be a Muslim Convert in the US?

It’s scary to be a Muslim convert in the United States because most Americans do not know that Islam is actually a very peaceful religion. And that the terrorists they have done horrible things to people in the United States are not actually Muslims.

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