In Trump’s America, How Muslims Overcame Hate & Fear?

trump’s first year in office

A year in office for the 45th US President, Donald Trump has been challenging to American Muslims.

With two versions of “Muslim Ban,” alarming rate of hate-related crimes, and a surge in Islamophobia, Muslims have chosen to open hearts and reach out to their neighbors, thus enabling them to overcome the fear of the unknown neighbors.

US Muslims have also increased their level of political activism, with a record number of them joining the race for Congress nationwide. They have also started getting engaged in nationwide campaigns, touring the country to counter Islamophobia.

The results have been rewarding so far.

Moreover, a new study has revealed that the “Muslim ban” decision actually improved attitudes toward Muslim, as people viewed such bans as “un-American.”

In this folder, shares hope for a better future for American Muslims


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