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Preparing for Marriage? Join AboutIslam Third Premarital Workshop

Are you currently engaged, actively looking to get married, or hope to be married sometime in the future? If yes, AboutIslam second premarital preparation marriage webinar is for you.

AboutIslam second premarital workshop, to be held on Saturday, December 17, is moderated by Sister Hana Alasry, the founder of SALIM Life Coaching.

“There is a common saying that “love is blind.” But, the reality is that love can also be blinding, meaning it doesn’t allow us to see some of the real issues that can cause tension in a marriage… even leading to its end,” Sister Hana told AboutIslam.

“A workshop like this is essential for every Muslim who is currently engaged or hopes to be married in the future. It sheds lights on difficult topics and questions that can easily be overlooked in the midst of the excitement.”

In this workshop, participants will gain valuable insight into the top marriage-ending topics, go through activities to strengthen essential skills for the success of marriage and see examples of how to navigate the most difficult premarital topics.

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“The research on this topic is staggering, premarital preparation reduces the risk of marital conflict and especially divorce. I have had many friends who, in the rush of emotions, committed without going through thorough marriage preparation,” Sister Hana added.

“They have expressed their regrets and some are even on the verge of divorce over topics that could’ve been brought up before the marriage contract as brought up.”

Join the webinar

Date: Saturday, December 17, 2022

Time: 13:00 EST | 18:00 GMT | 21:00 Makkah

🎫 Individual Ticket: $15 | Couples Offer: $20 (Two Tickets)

Sister Orsolya Ilham, in charge of AboutIslam counseling service and Family Page, added that this year’s webinar is unique and different.

“This webinar is not only for those who plan to marry soon. Getting to know ourselves in a marriage and adapting to each other takes time,” she said.

“If you are a newlywed, this workshop is ideal for refining the skills you will need to navigate through marital challenges.”

In this Webinar:

While last year’s masterclass was information heavy, this year’s workshop has been distilled to the most essential topics with practical activities to hammer concepts in.

The target of this workshop is engaged individuals or really any Muslim who hopes to be married or remarried.

It is much easier to educate ourselves on these marriage-enriching skills prior to marriage than to wish that we would’ve thought things through before committing. 

Who Is Hana Alasry

Hana Alasry is a physician assistant and has psychiatric medical training. Alasry is a Yemeni American Muslim community organizer and activist working most heavily with MAS Youth. Her work focuses heavily on Muslim youth development, Islamic tarbiya and the Yemen crisis.

There are special rates for early birds and for couples. Learn more and register now!