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Full Moon to Align Directly Above Kaa`bah Tonight

In a first celestial event of 2021, a full moon will shine above the Kaa`bah in Makkah on Thursday (January 28), according to astronomers.

During this rare phenomenon, local residents will be able to see the full moon vertically above the Kaa`bah and in front of the constellations of the twin stars.

“The moon will rise with sunset from the northern/northeastern horizon, and set in the northern/northwestern horizon, which means that it will simulate the high path of the summer sun after six months across the night sky, but in the north of the Arctic Circle, the moon stays 24 hours above the horizon, like the midnight sun in the summer,” Majed Abu Zahira, president of the Jeddah Astronomy Association, said in an interview with Al Arabiya.

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The full moon will have a disk illumination of 99.9 percent and the distance will stand around 381,125 km.

“The moon will remain visible in the sky for the rest of the night until it sets with the rise of the Friday sun,” Abu Zahira added.

Abu Zahira added that this phenomenon helps Muslims from all corners of the world locate the direction of Qiblah (the direction Muslims face while praying).