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Why Hypocrisy Appeared in Madinah - About Islam

Why Hypocrisy Appeared in Madinah

There were obvious reasons for the phenomenon of hypocrisy to appear in Madinah. The early Muslims in Makkah were neither strong nor influential enough to make people fear them or try to appease them. Indeed, the people of Makkah, and its leaders and notables in particular, opposed the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) …

Is Hijrah Still Obligatory?

Is Hijrah Still Obligatory?

Is hijrah (emigration) still obligatory for Muslims after the conquest of Makkah? Are Muslim economic emigrants living in the West regarded as muhajirun?

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Why Are Makkah and Madinah So Important for Muslims?

Short Answer: Makkah stands on its own as the most sacred place in Islam. It is the destination of all Muslims to fulfill Hajj, the fifth main Islamic pillar. Makkah and Madinah witnessed the very precious early moments of Islam: the birth of Prophet Muhammad and the revelation of the Quran.Makkah is the center of …

The Very First Moments of the Prophet's Hijrah - About Islam

The Very First Moments of the Prophet's Hijrah

One day in the heat of the noonday sun, Prophet Muhammad visited the home of his friend Abu Bakr. The streets of Makkah were deserted and Abu Bakr knew this visit of great importance, this time of day was reserved for rest. Prophet Muhammad asked…

Dude Harlino in hajj

Indonesian TV Star Dude Harlino Reflects on Hajj Experience

“I did not have a moment of worry about myself or my belongings”. This is how Dude Harlino, a famous Indonesian actor, talked about his Hajj experience, which he just concluded,describing the life time journey as the most beautiful and happiest times of his life, Arab News reported. Invited to Hajj by Saudi media ministry …

Hajj: A Model for Life

How Hajj Can Be a Model for Life

Hajj is now over. Millions of Muslim pilgrims have observed this great pillar of Islam. The memories and spirituality of Hajj are really moving. Pilgrims could not help but have tears in their eyes while observing this magnificent gathering. Millions were heading to the house of Allah in total submission and devotion. The pilgrims prayed …

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