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More Young Muslim Women Lean into Arranged Marriages

NEW YORK — By the begging of 2019, the Muslim matchmaking app Muzmatch announced hitting one million global users. The co-founders of the dating tool further informed that at least 15,000 users have gotten married after meeting through Muzmatch.

However, many young Muslim women are leaning into their families’ traditions of arranged marriage, seeing it a practical, non-progressive way of finding the right one, Religion News reported.

“It’s pretty much like a vetting system,” Jessy Quadery said.

“Your parents are vetting the guys for you. They’re filtering out the kinds of guys that you yourself don’t want.”

According to Islamic Shari’ah, Muslims aren’t required to go into arranged marriages.

However, Muslim couples shouldn’t have an intimate relationship before they get married and that an appointed guardian helps guide and protect the bride in the process of finding a spouse.

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“I’ve no regrets about having an arranged marriage three years ago after years of dating,” Shaina Adkins who lives in New York said.

“When I met my now-husband, I was able to scope him out, asking him the hard questions without hesitation: Before we ever had dinner together, I knew whether he wanted kids, and we agreed to get married the first time we met in person. It may not be romantic, but the process — supervised by an imam — was refreshing,” Adkins said.

“It wasn’t love at first sight, but he’s a wonderful man who I have grown to love. I have no regrets in this process or the man Allah has brought to me,” she expressed.

In fact, Islamic Shari’ah doesn’t consider marriage as legal and valid without the couple’s formal consent.

This means that any marriage that is forced, arranged at birth or devoid of love isn’t Islamically legal.

Some girls also believe that an arranged marriage is a fairly simple process. “This kind of marriage means the couple’s family helped orchestrate the relationship, but, not that the relationship was forced or lacks attraction,” a 30-year-old Muslim American girl explained.