Texas Muslim Groups Lead Winter Relief Efforts

Muslim volunteers and charities from across Dallas, Texas, have been leading efforts to provide hot meals, water, blankets and sweaters to hundreds of families affected by the winter storm that hit the state last week.

“As the temperature drops, there are homeless men, women, and children with no options.  ICNA Relief has joined OurCalling coalition, along with the city of Dallas to provide emergency shelter at the convention center, filled with cots,”  Islamic Circle of North America Relief (ICNA Relief) said in a Launchgood campaign.

“We need your help!  Blankets, pillows, socks, jackets, funds, and shelter to support our neighbors.”

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At least 26 people died across Texas after brutal winter storms unleashed since February 11.

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Millions lost power, forcing families to huddle over a fireplace, scavenge for firewood or spend nights in their car trying to stay warm.

Others spent hours searching for food as shelves emptied and weather conditions led to food supply chain problems. The frigid temperatures caused pipes to burst, leading to water disruptions for roughly half the state’s population.

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With the goal of providing three meals to hundreds of families, the campaign has raised more than $107,000 till today.

Ma’ruf Dallas, another Muslim organization that advocates social justice by serving individuals, families, and communities in need, has also led campaigns to support the community.

“Second part of our Emergency Food Distribution project today saw our volunteers distribute grocery boxes, hot meals, blankets and sweaters for over 1,600 economically disadvantaged people who were severely impacted by this week’s storms!” the group wrote on Facebook.

“Thank you to our partners – Islamic Relief USA, MAS Dallas, Big Guys Chicken and Rice, Sara’s Market & Bakery, Green Vine Market and Mezban Foods!”

In another effort, Irving Muslim community have also donated 720 meals to families seeking shelter.