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Islamic Relief’s Annual Winter Campaign: It’s All Hands on Deck!

#GiveWarmth in Canada

Across Canada, Islamic Relief is gathering volunteers to assemble the materials they have collected during their campaign for the past four months to support homeless people and families in need. The kits will include: “…warm clothing, living essentials and hygiene necessities.”

“In our faith, all homeless people, without exception, are people who need our attention,” Mahédine Djamai, spokesperson The Centre culturel islamique du Québec,  said. “It is our duty.”

Volunteers in Canada can register here to help put the winter kits together:


Islamic Relief's Annual Winter Campaign It's All Hands on Deck!

Islamic Relief continues to aid millions of people suffering harsh winter conditions in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Jordan, Iraq, Myanmar, and Syria:

We will distribute fuel, gas heaters, stove heaters, blankets, mattresses, plastic sheeting, food parcels, winter clothes, pillows, carpets, vitamins and supplements. In Afghanistan, we are working to distribute food, firewood and blankets. In Kosova, people who will otherwise struggle to stay warm this winter will be provided with waterproof sheets, heaters, clothes, blankets, and vitamins and supplements to help keep them healthy.

#GiveWarmth Internationally

Last year over 425,000 people were recipients of essential winter warmth packages in seven different countries, including Syria. Displaced people are at record highs with more than “3 million refugees and another 6.5 million internally displaced people needing humanitarian aid” your donations will go to great use this winter.

Donations can be made directly to Islamic Relief here.