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Pilot Converts to Islam 18,000 Feet Above Saudi Arabia

“There is no god but Allah”

“I testify that Muhammad is the Prophet” 

MAKKAH – The news that a Brazilian pilot has reportedly converted to Islam while flying a passenger jet above Saudi Arabia, has been making headlines, with many welcoming the new convert to the world’s fastest growing religion.

“We are here with pilot Amalo from Brazil. He will say the text of the Shahada during our flight to Taluka,” a man sitting in the cockpit can be heard saying, Russia Today reported.

“I testify that Muhammad is the Prophet,” Captain Amalo adds, completing his quirky mid-air conversion.

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Footage of the unusual conversion was shared online by El Balad News. According to the paper, the Brazilian pilot for an unidentified airline took the shahada, or Islamic declaration of faith, accepting the religion, in tandem with a colleague as they operated the controls of an aircraft.

The clip concludes with the first pilot saying, “My brother in Islam,” to which the new convert replies, “My brother in Islam.”

Video of the high-flying conversion has now been viewed more than 64,000 times and featured in a number of news outlets across the Middle East.

Recently, a 75-year-old German man’s video had gone viral after he converted to Islam – on his deathbed.

According to reports, the ailing man in the video was gravely ill when he decided to accept Islam.