Muslims Hit Social Media to Celebrate Black Muslim Women

NEW YORK – Recent social media discussions highlighted the consistent lack of Black Muslim women representation at American Muslim events.

Many Black Muslim women expressed disappointment that despite their educational strides and constant activism in society, their voices remain largely ignored in American Muslim dialogues, and they are rarely approached to speak at Muslim venues.

Last month, the Islamic Circle of North America received criticism for highlighting non-Black Women of Color and White Muslim women at their convention while overlooking Black Muslim women.

Organizers promoted a photo array of some Muslim women speakers and excluded African American and Black Muslim women from the promotional picture.

Muslims across social media expressed their frustration, and there have been calls for Muslim speakers to refuse to speak at venues erasing Black Muslims. However, others have taken a different approach in highlighting the accomplishments of Black Muslim women.

Celebrating Black Muslim Women

In an effort to spotlight Black Muslim women and the multifaceted work they do to uplift Muslim and Black communities and perspectives, the Black Muslim Psychology Conference launched on Friday, May 5, the Favorite Black Muslimah Leader social media campaign asking people to name Black Muslim women engaged in constructive communal work and who provide positive influences.

People posted numerous names on Twitter and Facebook showing the historical impact Black Muslim women have in Black American and Muslim culture and how they continue to be rich, vital resources of strength and development in the country.

Names included Black Muslim women activists, community organizers, scholars, artists and authors. Posts consistently showed that despite the struggle against erasure in the broader American Muslim culture, Black Muslim women lead and inspire people across the country.

Muslims posted about Black Muslim women who pioneered services specific for Muslims at time when they were non-existent.

Black Muslim women were celebrated for the tireless efforts to address social issues

Love & Respect

Non-Black Muslims also showed love and appreciation for the great work of their Black Muslim sisters.

The Favorite Black Muslimah Leader campaign gave American Muslims the chance to show the many ways that Black Muslim women touch the lives of everyone in the society.