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Muslim Production Company Hosts Summer Reading Program

Publishing and multimedia company, Omera productions, have launched their 2019 Summer Reading Challenge to promote literacy over the months that American children are out of school. Every year, educators and parents seek ways to prevent significant learning loss that many children experience over the summer recess. Commonly known as summer slide, it includes up to …


Embrace: Supporting Muslim Converts During Ramadan

People in the US across backgrounds continue to enter Islam. Although a new faith often includes spiritual upliftment and growth, there are challenges. New Muslims and converts often encounter unique challenges that require Muslim communities’ support. “Converts need to be treated with patience and compassion to help them grow,” explained Nahela Morales, Co-founder of Embrace, …


Compassionate Communication in Mosques and Marriages – ICNA 2019

Compassionate communication is essential in Muslim spaces, especially in the places of worship and marriages. During the ICNA 2019 convention’s “Relationship Optimization” session, Sh. Saad Tasleem talked about the critical role of positive interpersonal communication in masjids. Communication in Masjids Almost half of US Muslims surveyed said they attended the masjid once a week or …


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