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#VisitMyMosque: Hundreds of UK Mosques to Open Doors for Neighbors

After two years of COVID restrictions, more than 250 mosques across the UK are finally opening their doors to visitors this weekend, inviting people to a tour and helping them understand their faith.

The national initiative will see mosques opening doors and welcoming people of all faiths on September 3-4.

“Visit My Mosque day is a national initiative facilitated by the Muslim Council of Britain encouraging 250+ mosques across the UK to hold open days to welcome in their neighbors from all faiths and none and build bridges across communities,” the Muslim Council of Britain wrote in a statement.

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“Whilst mosque open days in Britain have been taking place for decades, Visit My Mosque enables mosques to be a part of a nationwide event where mosques across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are able to open their door together on the same day.”

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The annual Visit My Mosque Day event went virtually over the past two years due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mosques in the UK have been holding open days for their local communities for decades.

At the national initiative, #VisitMyMosque was first conceived in February 2015 with about 20 mosques taking part.

Held under the auspices of Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), the initiative grew to over 250 mosques last year. Now, MPs and other senior politicians take parts too, including the PM, Leader of the Opposition, and the Mayor of London.