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The Sultan and the Saint: 60 Minute Docudrama Film Nominated for Emmy

SILVER SPRING, Md. – A film about the crusades and shattering stereotypes of Muslims has been nominated for an Emmy Award.

This is the first nomination for Unity Productions Foundation (UPF), a nationally recognized media and educational organization with a mission of creating films and educational campaigns to increase understanding of Muslims and people of other faiths and backgrounds.

“This is a great honor,” says Alex Kronemer, Director of the film and Co-Founder of UPF (with Michael Wolfe), Religion News Service reported on Tuesday.

“It could not have happened without an amazing group of Muslim, Christian, and Civic underwriters. Their joining together to fund this film about interfaith peace-making is itself a major distinction in our divisive times.”

The film, The Sultan and the Saint, is about the meeting in 1219 between Malik Al-Kamil, Sultan of Egypt, and the man who would become St. Francis of Assisi.

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UPF has premiered the film in over 75 cities across the US and Canada and has generated 3,500 screenings in educational and community settings.

The film has also premiered in Rome where senior leaders of the Vatican attended and is currently being used in a peacemaking campaign amongst Evangelical and Muslim leaders nationwide.

“The entire cast and crew is thrilled to learn of this nomination,” commented Jeremy Morrison, the Editor and Producer of The Sultan and the Saint.

“We are particularly grateful for the creative vision and hard work of the Directory of Photography Nick Gardner and the Production Designer, Angie Ratliff who really deserve a lot of credit for the nomination in Outstanding Lighting Direction and Scenic Design,” added Morrison.

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