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Black History Month

Black Muslim Authors Inspire Future Generation with Words

For the third year in a row, Black Muslim Authors conference kicked off earlier this month, and it’s fully virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic

The theme is mainly to discuss the importance of African-American, Black, and Muslim cultures in today’s literature.

In a live session hosted by AboutIslam on Sunday, February 7, authors Umm Juwayriyah, Ameenah Muhammad Diggins, Janette Grant, Nafisah Abdul Rahim, and Shariea Shoatz discussed the importance of Black Muslim representation through youth books and writing to inspire young Muslims.

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The children’s authors highlighted the importance of representation for Muslim children and highlighting the challenges facing Muslim families and communities.

“Growing up as an African American, I was like I want something that reflects who I am. So, it hit me one day, I was thinking I should put this into a book,” Nafisah Abdul Rahim told the panelists.

Shoatz also added that there was always a need for books that deals with abuse children are facing, and how to make a difference and empower children to know that they have rights.

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