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Bernie Sanders and Castro Bring Message to US Muslims at ISNA Convention

Castro, like all of the Democratic candidates, argued immigrants’ value to America. “That is the beauty and greatness of our country. We need to live with each other in dignity and respect and with the ability to pursue our dreams.”

A grandson of a Mexican immigrant, Castro is particularly interested in ensuring all children have access to early education, even if they’re undocumented. His platform calls for free universal pre-Kindergarten for three- and four-year-old children.

“I don’t care if you’re documented or undocumented, you should be able to get an education if you’re a little kid,” he said.

Bernie Sanders and Castro Bring Message to US Muslims at ISNA Convention - About Islam

Courting Muslim Vote

Both men were keenly aware of their crowd and addressed their positions on issues which affect Muslims and immigrants.

Sanders reiterated his past and current opposition to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He said the move destabilized the region and created an environment ripe for the rise of the so-called Islamic State or ISIS.

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He reiterated the fact that, by a wide margin, those targeted and killed by the terrorist group have been Muslims.

Also, both candidates said they would move to increase the number of refugees into the U.S. under the refugee resettlement program that has dwindled under Pres. Trump. In fact, Castro said he would bring the number to its maximum of 110,000 per year.

“We have a moral responsibility and self-interest to take in refugees who will contribute immensely to our society,” Castro said.

This issue is particularly important to Muslims as conflicts in several Muslim-majority countries, particularly Syria, rage on and the need to move people out of those areas continue to grow.

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