“Why Do Muslims Commit Terrorist Attacks?” Muslim Comedian Answers

LONDON – As the Muslim community reels with the aftermath of deadly Manchester attack, British Muslim comedian Guz Khan, best known by his stage name Guzzy Bear, answers in this video a recurrent question “why do Muslims commit terrorist attacks.”

“Shock, anger, unity, love… Prayers and positive energy for the beautiful children we’ve lost and their families in these horrific times,” Khan wrote on his page.

“I have been asked hundreds of times to engage in this kind of interview, I have always say no.

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“But I trust Double Down News and their vision for real voices to be heard and to bring people together through dialogue,” he added.

The video, shared on Khan’s page, is a curtsy of Double Down News.

The attack has been widely condemned by British Muslim leaders, including the Muslim Council of Britain and Manchester’s Ramadhan Foundation.

Muslim taxi drivers have also been praised for offering victims and other concert-goers free lifts home after the explosion, directing passengers to safe places to be picked up, as well as offering water and helping to charge their mobile phones.