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Islam, Terrorism, and Jesus Christ

Salam (Peace) Dear Jim, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Your question raises two very good points. The first point is how we should define “terrorism” and “terrorists,” and the second point is the position of Jesus in Islam and what Islam means by referring to Jesus as “Christ.” Terrorism Is …

Anti-Terror Ramadan Ad Goes Viral

An online advertisement depicting people from all walks of life joining forces to dissuade a bomber from carrying out an attack has gone viral on the internet since it was uploaded at the beginning of Ramadan.

Quran Edited

Can The Quran Be Edited?

Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Dr. Shabir Ally addresses this question in the video below: Transcript: Safiyyah  Ally: OK, Brother Shabir, the question we have is about verses that speak about possibly terrorist related things. And the person is asking: can’t you take out all the verses from the Quran …

Why Aren't Muslim Leaders Renouncing Terrorism?

Salam (Peace) David, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. In fact, prominent Muslim leaders have been condemning acts of terrorism carried out by Muslims or by the followers of any other religion or political faction. Muslim leaders and scholars of the world are unanimous in the condemnation of all terrorist attacks on innocents, …

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