Muslim Worker Fired for Criticizing Trump Wins £38,000 Payout

LONDON – A Muslim job center worker , who was fired for tweets criticizing Donald Trump and Tommy Robinson after 25-year career, has won a £38,000 payout after tribunal ruled he was unfairly dismissed, the Daily Mail reported.

Ayub Patel, 58, from Blackburn, was sacked from his job after Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) investigators found his online comments ‘too political’.

Last October, employment tribunal ruled Patel’s treatment had been unfair and now he has been awarded a five-figure payout.

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The tweets, also directed at Katie Hopkins and the British National Party (BNP), were sent in an online rant last year and deleted as a result of the investigation.

Patel told the tribunal in Manchester his comments were aimed at Islamophobic public figures.

However, the DWP confirmed that Patel was fired for breaking the code of conduct, not because his tweets were about high-profile political figures.

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