Mosque in France Shelters Homeless, Migrants

In a swift reaction to the harsh winter weather hitting the world, a mosque in France has opened its doors to shelter the homeless and migrants.

“Muslims hosted us. I am very happy to be hosted in such a distinguished place,” shwor, a Nepalese migrant who took refuge in the mosque, told Anadolu Agency.

The Mantes Sud Mosque in the country’s Yvelines department at the west of the capital Paris, was first constructed in 2015.

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Building the mosque, Abdelaziz el Jaouhari, the head of the mosque association, said they wanted a place of worship to serve as mosques during the Prophet Muhammad’s era.

“We wanted to follow the sunnah [practices] of Prophet Muhammad,” he said.

“His [Prophet Muhammad’s] mosque had 3 main functions. Bringing people together, enabling them to acquire knowledge, and providing social support.

“We provide emergency shelter for the homeless all year round. We open the doors of the mosque not only to Muslims but everyone who knocks on our door.”

This gracious act from Mantes Sud Mosque falls in line with a similar pattern adopted by several mosques and Islamic centers, catering to the needs of the homeless.

Earlier this month, Al Rashid Mosque, the oldest mosque in Canada, opened its doors to accommodate community members who face homelessness.

In January 2020, the mosque also opened its doors to rough sleepers and homeless people during cold winter weather.