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Kids Back to School: How UK Muslim Mums See It

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Julie S: a mother of year 10 and year 13 children

“Both our schools have worked hard to make the schools as safe as possible. I am also a governor in another school, and seeing the effort behind the scenes has been very eye-opening. I have tremendous respect for teachers. No plan at all to home school, I am glad they are back, and they are too.”

Aina K: 

“Our son is doing A-levels with online homeschooling. He is delighted and loves it. For the first time, he is doing homework himself without being asked! Long may the discipline continue.” 

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Kids Back to School: How UK Muslim Mums See It - About Islam

Zaheen Q: 

“I was anxious about sending my 9-year-old back to school, but I did not want her to miss out on the start of year 5 in a new setting with a new and different uniform. I also think it’s vital for children to have interaction with other children (friends and peers) and teachers in a classroom setting. 

“The school has taken many measures to address COVID safety following the government’s advice.

“We, and other parents, have been in touch with the school to set up distance learning should there be a second wave of Coronavirus and schools close again. 

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“I have not considered homeschooling because both my husband and I work. To home school, at least one parent needs to be home and devoted to homeschooling (which means the parent has to learn a lot too). After attempting to home school for a few months during the lockdown, I think I’m quite happy for the qualified teachers to take over now that the new term has started.”

Kiran A: 

“I’m anxious that there has been insufficient testing and that in the inevitable circumstance that my kids get a fever this winter! We will need to spend 47-72h getting a test, a further 72h waiting for results. My school and teachers have done a fantastic job of making things COVID-friendly.  

“After the homeschooling fiasco over the last six months, I cannot manage full-time work while homeschooling. It’s incredibly stressful, the kids miss their friends, and I am struggling to juggle it all.”

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