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Irish Muslims to Open Mosque Doors This Weekend

LAOIS, Leinster – The Muslim community in Laois, in the Irish South Midlands in the province of Leinster, are set to open the doors of their mosque this weekend, inviting local people to tour the worshipping house.

“This is also an opportunity for people to come and ask the questions that they may have regarding Islam and Muslims,” organizers of the event said, Leinster Express reported.

“The open day will be complete with information, history, artworks, artifacts and literature about Islam and Muslims.”

In the event hosted at Rehman House, Dublin Road, Portlaoise, Muslims invited the local community to meet Irish Muslims who live in town and surrounding areas.

Along with getting more information on the Islamic faith, people will also be able to experience some other cultural aspects associated with the religion.

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These include calligraphy, face painting, henna, and artifacts.

Traditional food will also be served to visitors to give them a ‘taste’ of the lifestyle which is part of being Muslim.

“There will also be short discussion forums where members of the public will be able to discuss and ask questions about Islam and Muslims,” said the organizers.

The event will take place on December 1 as the Mosque will be open to visitors from 12 noon to 5 pm.

Starting in 2015, a UK-wide ‘Visit My Mosque’ day is held every February.

The event aims to promote better community relations and reduce misconceptions about Muslims in Britain by educating the public about the mosque’s activities.

Starting with about 20 mosques on its first event three years ago, the ‘Visit My Mosque’ day grew to over 80 mosques in 2016 and has been reported widely in the British and international press. This year, this number exceeded 200 mosques.