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Hero Father in Christchurch Massacre Leaves Hospital

Hero Father in Christchurch Massacre Leaves Hospital
Syah with son Averroes and his American wife, Alta

CHRISTCHURCH – Muslim father Zulfirman Syah, who got repeatedly shot several times by an Australian terrorist while shielding his son during Christchurch massacre last March, has been discharged from hospital on April 7, The Times reported.

Syah’s wife, named on a GoFundMe page for the family as Alta Sacra posted online about her husband’s heroism on Saturday saying: “My husband … shielded our son during the attack at Linwood Islamic Centre, which caused him to receive most of the bullets and much more complex injuries than our son. He’s in stable condition following the extensive exploratory and reconstructive surgery he had earlier today [Saturday].”

The brave Muslim father was shot repeatedly as he protected his son Averroes. As a result, he had a serious surgery on Saturday in Christchurch Hospital. Both the father and his son were admitted to hospital and underwent surgery following the terrorist atrocity on March 15.

A video filmed by another worshipper at the Linwood Islamic Centre in Christchurch showed the toddler clambering over his fallen father.

After the massacre, the Muslim family’s narrow escape was reported on the front page of The Sunday Times last month and made headlines around the world.

Averroes, who suffered leg and buttock injuries, went home about a week later. The young boy was the youngest injured victim of the terrorist attack and has been treated at Christchurch Hospital.

Sacra informed that: “While my husband was in the intensive care unit, he was moved to the general when it was deemed appropriate … while the road to recovery will be long, his condition has only improved since he arrived at the hospital. Our son was recovering nicely and has been cheerful while keeping the staff on the children’s ward entertained with his talkative and energetic nature.”

“Once again, we’re grateful for the endless stream of support we’ve received. The medical care has been top-notch and we will be forever grateful to each person who has had any hand in easing the difficulties of this situation.”

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According to ABC News, a family friend has established a GoFundMe fundraiser to help offset the cost of medical treatment and other related expenses.

Syah is an Indonesian artist who has recently relocated his new young family from Indonesia to nearby New Zealand.

He was described as a talented, hard-working artist, while Alta is an American who has lived in Indonesia for many years.

In New Zealand, Islam is a minority religious affiliation, as small numbers of Muslim immigrants from South Asia and eastern Europe settled starting from the early 1900s until the 1960s.

The south-pacific island country of New Zealand is home to 36,000 Muslims, according to the 2006 census.

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