`Eid Carnival Brings Perth Community Together

PERTH – Australian Arab Association will be holding a multi-cultural `Eid carnival next Saturday to promote a peaceful message for Islam after the attacks on the Thornlie mosque late last month.

“We want to spread a peaceful message to anyone and in the Muslim community to see what we do and how we promote through community,” Australian Arab Association president Salim Youssef told Community News on Tuesday, July 12.

Youssef is preparing for the Multicultural Eid Carnival on Saturday, July 16.

The carnival this year there will include food, music rides and games for children.

It would also have a special fireworks display to celebrate the end of Ramadan with people from all cultural backgrounds.

The Muslim leader said he had to step up security for the carnival after last month’s attack on the Thornlie mosque.

He was inside the Thornlie mosque last month when it was attacked, with four cars being set on fire and anti-Muslim graffiti written.

“The first thing we thought was we hoped no one got injured or anyone got killed,” he said.

“It was a really big worrying couple of minutes and we stayed there and offered our support if they needed.”

The association hopes to achieve success similar to last year’s carnival, attended by more than 12,000 people.

“Last year a lot of the mainstream community came through carnival and feedback was very positive,” Youssef said.