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Muslim Guard Stabbed in Bourke Attack Vows to 'Serve Public More'

MELBOURNE – “This horrific attack made me want to protect and serve the public more,” said Shadi, 26, the Muslim Australian security guard who was stabbed in the neck during the terror attack in Melbourne’s CBD last week, 9News reported on November 14. Shadi had been working on Bourke Street as a security guard for …

Australia Appoints First Female Muslim Senator

NEW SOUTH WALES – Mehreen Faruqi has become Australia’s first Muslim woman senator after being appointed to fill a vacant seat on Wednesday, August 15. The Greens Party politician, who was born in Pakistan, told the BBC that Australia’s future would be “stronger for our diversity.” She added that she would use her new role …

Far-right Burka Stunt Troubles Aussie Muslims

Muslim leaders have expressed concerns over One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s burka “stunt” in the Senate, warning it could encourage US-style “alt-right” attacks on their community.

Four Muslim Women Punched in Sydney Univ.

Four Muslim students were assaulted by a woman who punched them in the face outside the University of Technology in Ultimo on Wednesday, leaving one victim with a bloodied mouth.

Video Saying Men Allowed to Beat Wives Sparks Uproar

A video shared by Australia’s Hizb ut-Tahrir saying explaining how Muslim men are allowed to beat their wives has sparked uproar, with many accusing it of promoting domestic violence and making light of the plight of abuse victims.

Australia First Muslim MP Counters Hate with Humor

New South Wales MP Mehreen Faruqi, the first Muslim woman in any Australian parliament, has launched a new project on Facebook to counter sexist and racist abuse message she receives with humor and a good laugh.

Mixed Views Face Australia Day Hijabis Billboard

A new Australia Day billboard featuring two smiling women in hijab has sparked mixed views in Australia, with some claiming that the women, apparently Muslims, do not represent Australia and others praising its inclusive message.

Aussie Retailer Praised for Featuring Hijabi

An Australian retailer’s back to school catalogue has been widely praised for encouraging diversity and true representation of the society after it featured children with disabilities and from diverse ethnic backgrounds and faiths, including a hijabi woman.

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