900 Revert to Islam in 2015 in Kerala

KOZHIKODE – As anti-Muslim rhetoric increases worldwide, about 900 have reverted to Islam during 2015 in Kerala state in South India alone.

The figures were released by Kozhikode-based Therbiyyath and Ponnani-based Maunathul Islam Sabha, two authorized conversion centers, The Sunday Standard reported on Sunday, July 17.

As per numbers with Therbiyyath, 300 people had converted in 2015 while statistics with Maunathul Islam Sabha revealed that around 600 conversions took place.

“All data related to conversion, income and expenditure are submitted to the police and Home Department,” said Therbiyyath manager Alikkoya.

“We’re maintaining pertinent records on conversion and are ready to submit details,” said Maunathul Islam Sabha superintendent Muhammed Saleem.

There are some 180 million Muslims in Hindu-majority India, the world’s third-largest Muslim population after those of Indonesia and Pakistan.

In April 2015, a study by Pew Research center found that the number of Muslims is expected to surpass Christians by 1% after 2070.

According to the study, the Muslims will nearly equal Christians at mid-century, with a 30% increase in the followers of the peaceful faith.

Muslims will present 10% of the overall population in Europe by 2050, the study found.

Both Islam and Christianity, the world’ largest religious groups, will make more than 69% of the global population in 2100, rising from 61% in 2050 and 55% in 2010, according to the research.