Warming Up The Elderly In London

Do we care for the elderly as we should?

This video gives a glimpse of efforts done by One Community, a Charity set up by British Muslims, as a contribution to their care for the elderly in London.

One of the volunteers said:

“Being part of this initiative, this campaign, allowed us to collect local funds from the community, who donated generously.

We were able to go out and buy good items of clothing; gloves, scarves, hats.

It’s an honor for us to be involved in this and represent the local community who donated their hard-earned money, just to go to the elderly so they could feel warm…

In this cold weather, the statistics say that there is an elderly person who dies every seven minutes unnecessarily because of the cold weather.

“It is an honor to be part of this campaign, where the local community have donated amazingly.”

“Love to others what you love for yourself.”

Janny Davison, the Chief Executive Officer of Elders Voice, with whom this initiative was organized, commented:

“I think today was an incredible success, on very many levels.”

The PR, Communications and Operations Manager at Elders Voice, Karolina Eliza Januszek, said:

“It was a really brilliant event, for the opportunity to have three communities, One Community, Elders Voice and Sainsbury’s coming together and working with the elderly, and elderly with dementia.

It’s a fantastic thing what happened.”

Salahuddin Patel, one of the volunteers who participated in this event said:

“Today made me feel amazing. A fantastic experience to be involved in this initiative.”

We came today and we did not know what to expect, especially because we were working with people with dementia, people who are vulnerable…”

Don’t miss this five minutes summary of the positive initiative which took place in North West London a few weeks ago.