Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Didn’t Lose Hope during His Trials

We live in very difficult times nowadays and if events around the world do not move your heart, you have to question why. However, we must remember that when we look back in our Islamic history and we see the sacrifice of the Companions and what they had to do. Countless examples can bring us comfort and solace. 

Two particular examples that will bring great comfort are 1) when Prophet Muhammad (SAW) went to the leaders of Taa’if and the second was when the Muslims faced the Battle of Uhud. 

We are moved when we hear these stories because the greatest person on this Earth had to be afflicted with these great big trials. His tooth broke, his head was cut, blood was profusely flowing onto his face. He had to go through these difficulties. 

The incident of Taa’if was no less when the enemy was mercilessly pelting him with those stones. He did not lose hope. He was moved with emotion and he made a dua “O Allah, I complain of my own feebleness and my own weaknesses.” Even when the enemies saw him they were moved with emotion as well. 

We have to realise that we will have to go through trials. We will have to go through hardship. But we should never lose hope. Allah will not give us more than we can bear. 

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