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Feeling Empty Inside? Fill it With Allah

Feeling Empty Inside? Fill it With Allah

No matter how much love you have in this life from your friends, from your spouse, from your parents, from everyone else in this world… you will always have a void in your heart that can only be fulfilled by the love of Allah.

Exams in Life - Never Give Up

Exams in Life - Never Give Up

It’s important for us to never give up. You don’t know how close you are to the end. Imagine a person digging a tunnel for example and right when they are near the end, they suddenly give up thinking that, “I don’t know how long this is going to carry on for.” Had they carried on for a minute longer, they would have broken through.

Life is Hard... But It Is Also Very Wonderful

Life is Hard... But It Is Also Very Wonderful

 We make life so very complicated, don’t we? It’s not just the tragedy and the violence which we see on the television news that makes our lives so disjointed and confused. Even choosing a career or selecting a course at college becomes the reason for hours of anguish. Shall I do this or shall I …

Renew Your Life

Renew Your Life After Your Sinful Past

Do not be discouraged by your countless sins. Even if they are as much as the ocean foam, God will not mind forgiving them all for you as long as you turn to Him repentantly and hurry your steps for His Mercy and Pardon. Past ingratitude should be no barrier to sincere repentance.

Consider Allah When You Sin

In Your Journey to God, Wear Wings of Awe and Hope

Fear of Allah is one wing and hope is the other wing. You really can’t advance and fly in the way of Allah without both: without being concerned about your destiny in the hereafter and what Allah is going to judge you about, and also feeling hopeful…

Aman Ali in Palestine: Join a Noble Cause to Educate Blind Children

Join a Noble Cause to Educate Blind Children

People with disabilities are just like anyone else; they have certain weaknesses, but have strengths as well. They have a right to live their lives, peruse education, make families and fulfill their dreams like everyone. Integrating disabled people into the society is crucial in regards to their emotional and mental well-being. Islam encourages us to have empathy …

7 Tips to Improve Your Relationship With the Quran

Going Through Despair, Quran Gave Me Hope

I was desperately searching for an answer; an answer that would satisfy my thirst for hope, an answer that would give me hope for Allah’s forgiveness and an answer that would change my life forever! One day as I was randomly flipping through the pages…

Supplicate with His Names: 5 Tips to Take Your Dua to the Next Level!

God Always Answers Our Dua, Turn to Him

Our dua to God is a way to dispel calamities and hardships, and to draw blessings and opportunities to us. However, duas are not the only cause for these desired effects. There are other causes that need to be acknowledged as well, including natural cause-and-effect relationships.

New Hope: Prophet Muhammad’s Uncle & Umar Convert to Islam

New Hope: Prophet Muhammad’s Uncle & Umar Convert to Islam

In this dark and difficult time, two leading men found the light of Islam and joined the ranks of Muslims. The first of these two men was Hamza, Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) uncle. One day, Hamza was on a hunting expedition outside Makkah…

Storm of the Heart - My Journey Towards Peace

Like everyone else, I yearned for peace. I searched for it everywhere but when I was with others, usually I’d feel its absence. People often spoke of peace but didn’t practice it or even really know how to achieve and maintain it.

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