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Praying behind Muhammad (PBUH)

Imagine praying behind Muhammad (PBUH)! We’ve all experienced the spiritual joy that comes with praying behind someone with a beautiful voice and an emotional prayer. To pray behind the one who perfected it ﷺ was an even greater experience.

He (saw) had a very unique way of reciting the Quran. He would take care of every position in salah. The Prophet (pbuh) had a beautiful voice and when he would recite the Quran he used to pause between the verses. He (pbuh) would recite slow and every verse was recited separately.

He (pbuh) would frequently get emotional when reciting the Quran. When he cried during salah, it sounded like a humming noise. You could tell it was coming from a place deep within his chest. Tears would flow from his eyes, even if he wasn’t making a weeping sound.

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