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I Struggle to Pray; How to Commit to Prayer?

I Struggle to Pray; How to Commit to Prayer?

In this counseling answer: • How to commit to prayer? Remember: prayer is a reminder, a way for us to structure our day and not forget that Allah SWT is there for us and that we need to be aware of His presence. • Our relationship with Allah SWT is supposed to be much stronger than …

Why Do Dark Thoughts Come to Me While Praying?

Why Do Dark Thoughts Come to Me While Praying?

WhisperingsIn this counseling answer: •Do not overlook the positive aspects of all the acts of worship that you are able to do, as well as your striving to remain chaste and away from haram relationships. •I kindly advise you to seek an assessment from a qualified therapist. •One thing that you can do to decrease …

Psychological Blessings of Taraweeh

Ramadan is the month of multiple blessings. It is the time of fasting and of extensive spiritual exercise. It is the time when we change our everyday routine and set a new one: revolving around our religious duties more than around the worldly affairs.

Prepare for Ramadan

How Does a New Muslim Prepare for Ramadan?

Short Answer: I’d like to give you hope and glad tiding. Your pursuit of knowledge and your keenness to do the right acts as per the guidance of the Creator are beautiful, commendable deeds that are highly rewarded. In Ramadan, we fast our bodies, but feed our souls with the Light in the Words of Allah throughout …

Praying Continually for God's Guidance

Praying Continually For God's Guidance

We see many people in society who had very humble beginnings but later achieved spectacular things. This is possible only with God’s guidance. God can convert our little steps into giant strides with His limitless knowledge. He guides the right soul to the right position.

Is Praying in Arabic Difficult For You?

Is Praying in Arabic Difficult For You?

For a new convert to Islam, praying in Arabic may seem a bit complicated at first. Praying is a meeting between you and God, and if you were a Christian or a Jew before, you certainly got used to performing it in your own language.


My Kids Dislike Praying,They Do it Only to Obey Us!

In this counseling answer: •Find out what it is about making salah that they don’t like and discuss these points with them with the hopes of nullifying the dislike insha’Allah. I would continue to have them pray with you sister for you are building up good habits within them.  While right now they do not like praying, you …

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