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Clearing the Fog in 12 Steps …

How do we focus on clearing the fog, rather than the fog itself?

Have you ever driven through a thick fog?

You would have to drive very slowly till the fog clears.

In this talk, which sister Muslema Purmul gave at the IamY conference last year in New Jersey, she suggests twelve steps to clear the fog in our spiritual lives.

The first of 12 steps suggested is to have rida, or contentment with Allah’s decree. Accept reality and be satisfied what Allah has decreed, and ask Him to help you deal with the situation you are in.

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The second step is to magnify and focus on things you are grateful for. Don’t complain and be in a negative state of mind, but look at the good in your life.

The third step is to have time for spiritual seclusion, (khalwa), and spend quality time with Allah (SWT).

The fourth step is to take account of yourself on a daily basis (muhasaba). Remember the positive things you did during the day, in addition to the negative.

The fifth step is to have a person or a group of people with whom you can be spiritually honest with. If you don’t have access to a spiritual guide or mentor, then at least a sincere friend who loves you and cares about you, and who pushes you to be better.

The sixth step is to have a high ambition in the way you want to serve Allah (SWT). Choose lofty goals for Allah’s sake, and do your best to fulfill them.

The seventh step is to have humility. Arrogance creates fog, and humility is the way to clear that fog.

The eighth step is to have a heart that has only goodwill and mercy for people. Forgive others, even those who have wronged you.

The ninth step is to be in the service of others, which is the opposite of being selfish.

The tenth step is to be honest. When we wrong others we say sorry with sincerity and when we make mistakes in our relation with Allah we repent with sincerity and ask Him to forgive.

The eleventh step is spiritual renewal. Never let your spiritual life be boring. Have a renewed sense of purpose and take advantage of each occasion that comes your way, (like attending a conference, or attending a Friday speech), for spiritual uplifting.

The twelfth and last step is to practice overflowing and unconditional love for the sake of Allah. Spread love and mercy and compassion for all, and love your brothers and sisters in faith for the sake of Allah.

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