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7 Tips Soft Heart

7 Tips on How to Soften Your Heart and Prepare for the Day of Judgement

Short Answer:With regard to the issue of having asoft heart,let me commend you for asking this question at this early age. Masha’Allah, your chance to have a soft heart is very big. You are still young and you just reached the age of puberty and your heart is empty. You can fill it with so …


How Can I Purify Myself?

Short Answer:The first step to take is to sincerely ask Allah Almighty to purify you as it is Allah Almighty who opens doors for His servants.You can also start reading about purification, its meaning, the spiritualdiseases of the heart, how to purify oneself from them … etc.Also remember that this is a process and it …

Struggling to Purify Your Soul? You Need These Two Elements

Struggling to Purify Your Soul? You Need These Two Elements

As you proceed on your journey in along the path of self-purification andTazkiyah, in quest of the ultimate goal of Paradise, you will encounter difficulties and hardships. These may often seem insurmountable. Overcoming them may be made easier by a good early grasp of the prerequisites oftazkiyah.These include: Genuine Effort In order to succeed, you …

What is Your Objective in Life

What Is Your Objective in Life?

When the lifestyle of one who is working solely for the material gains of this world is compared with that of a person who is striving for the everlasting rewards of the Hereafter, there is seemingly very little difference. In both cases, each person is seen to be striving to maintain a quality life. The …

Omar Sulieman: Going Beyond Ritual Worship (Video)

Omar Sulieman: Going Beyond Ritual Worship (Video)

Many times we fail to make that distinction and fail to apply the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) in our lives, in the way that we deal with people and in the way that we deal with our families and our communities.


Tazkiyah in Age of Psychotherapy

This is an interview with AbdelRahman Mussa, the founder of iPersonal Enrichment newsletter and the Whims-I-Kill Tazkiyah course. AbdelRahman Mussa is both a graduate of Shari’ah and a therapist with more than 11 years of experience and his background in da’wah (Islamic spiritual activism). Q: Tazkiyah – It is the process of purifying the soul …

Heal Your Soul with Spiritual Posts (Collection #14)

Heal Your Soul with Spiritual Posts (Collection #14)

Whatever effort you exert to heal and purify your soul will be rewarding. Your heart needs spiritual nourishment to become a sound and healthy heart that can connect with Allah and get close to Him. Below is a new collection of spiritual tips and thoughts. Read, reflect and act! Read Also: Countdown to Ramadan …

Self-Purification: Why and How? (Illustrated) - About Islam

Self-Purification: Why and How? (Illustrated)

The verse is not talking about having a pure soul; since that may be an impossible mission that would never happen. Everyone is vulnerable to his soul desires and shortcomings. Rather, we are required to engage in the activity of constant self-purification.

Clearing the Fog in 12 Steps … - About Islam

Clearing the Fog in 12 Steps …

How do we focus on clearing the fog, rather than the fog itself? Have you ever driven through a thick fog? You would have to drive very slowly till the fog clears. In this talk, which sister Muslema Purmul gave at the IamY conference last year in New Jersey, she suggests twelve steps to clear …

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