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10 Prophecies Mentioned by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Did you know that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentioned many prophecies that are happening in the world. Check out these 10 prophecies mentioned by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

10. End of the world – a large amount of the Quran talks about the last days and the end of the world. The Quran describes how the world will be destroyed and how it will be rebuilt again.

9. Fatima’s (RA) passing – Prophet Muhammad prophesied about Fatima joining him after he died. He called Fatima to his death bed and informed her that she would be the first in his family to join him after he died. 6 months later she passed away.

8. Fire – a fire will appear from the bottom of Aden (modern day Yemen) and it will drive people to modern day Syria.

7. Pharaoh’s body will be found – there is a big debate about the identity of the Pharaoh around Musa. The Quran states that Pharaoh was drowned in the sea. Ramsis II was preserved.

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6. Islam will prevail – In the Quran there is a lot of talk about how Islam will prevail over all other religions in the world.

5. The prophecy of three trials – there is a prophecy that three trials will hit Muslims before the anti-Christ comes. The trials are retreat and war, false happiness , huge catastrophe that hit people in the Muslim world.

4. Yajuj and Majuju – they will be released and destroyed anyone and anything that they can find.

3. Dajjal – a false Messiah will come and misguide a lot of people. There is a detailed description of Dajjal.

2. Enmity among Christians – this will happen until the Day of Resurrection.

1. Tall buildings – signs and for-warnings of the last day. Bedouins will compete in building tall buildings.