SOLACE 2016 – An Event Every Muslim Should Attend

IOU's Online Conference on Psychological Well-Being

For the second time, the prestigious Islamic Online University organizes its online conference of SOLACE 2016 on Psychological Well-Being which is scheduled to air from October 29 to 31. During the 3-day event, participants, who previously registered on the event’s website, can listen to 17 different lectures, ranging from the use of ruqya, anxiety and stress to post partum depression and much more.

Solace 2016 will focus on:

– Understanding mental health and mental illness

– Understand the cause of mental illness

– The different types of mental health issues

– Psychological battles which people face,and

– Increase awareness of these issues

Among the 14 speakers, we can find Sister Haleh Banani and Dr. Kanwal Kaisser, whom frequently appear on various TV channels, Dr. Malik Badri, author of “The Dilemma of Muslim Psychologists”, or AboutIslam’s counselor, sister Hannah Morris, and many outstanding speakers from all around the world. At the end of each lecture, participants will have the opportunity to ask their questions in the chat box.

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