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Psychological Blessings of Taraweeh

Ramadan is the month of multiple blessings. It is the time of fasting and of extensive spiritual exercise. It is the time when we change our everyday routine and set a new one: revolving around our religious duties more than around the worldly affairs.

"Treatment of the Soul, Healing of the Heart" - Muslim Physicians & Mental Health

LONDON – While Judeo-Christian societies considered mental illness to be a “punishment of gods’, early Muslim physicians made it a special branch of medicine calling it “the treatment of the soul” or “healing of the heart”, My Salaam reported on February 13. Medieval Muslim physicians were interested in all branches of medicine, including psychology. In …

Jinn Possession: Psychology & Spiritual Healing

Jinn Possession: Psychology & Spiritual Healing

While issues arising from jinn do occur, to what magnitude and degree is not clear. We are warned against implying too much power and attention to jinn as Allah (SWT) is most powerful and omniscient and only Allah is due this kind of attention and fear.

Love Your Self..

Love Your Self..

Take a look at yourself. Look into the mirror. What do you see? What do you see on the outside? By the word ‘outside’, I do not mean your physical looks. Not your skin colour or the shape of your eyes. Certainly, Allah has created man in the best form, as stated in the noble …

Can Technology Boost Our Multiple Intelligences?

Can Technology Boost Our Multiple Intelligences?

Do you enjoy debating on Facebook? Do you have your own blog? Have you ever used software to compose music or make your own video? Did you ever take a tour in an online or virtual museum? Thinking that technology cannot cater for your preferred intelligence(s)? Think again. The cognitive revolution took place in the 1950s …

Switzerland Catching Up with Demand for Muslim Pastoral Care

ZURICH – As Switzerland’s population becomes ever more diverse, the demand for relevant pastoral care, especially for Muslim citizens, is growing. But the central European country still has some catching up to do to match the availability in other countries, Expatica Switzerland reported on October 18. “Because of the many life situations in which psychological support …

Are Psychology and Islam Compatible?

Are Psychology and Islam Compatible?

What would you do if you got an ugly illness or maybe broke your arm? Would you just leave it hoping it gets better one day, in sha’Allah, or would you actually do something in order that it heals properly? I guess most of us would visit the GP right away. So, what if you …


Exhaustion and Hajj Rituals

The phenomenon of exhaustion frequently takes place in the summer or in places with high temperature such as the Holy Sites. Sometimes, it attacks the person suddenly, but it mostly be caused by the body being subjected to high temperature which, in its turn, results in losing huge amounts of sweat that contains Sodium Chloride. …


Use Summer Time to Fortify Your Soul

Nature has a strange way of calming the soul and reviving the spirit. Within minutes of arriving at the ocean, you can feel a sense of harmony covering you like a blanket.

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