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UK Muslim Charity Recognized for Helping Moms and Orphans

In recognition of its valuable contributions in helping poor mothers and orphans everywhere, Muslim charity, Save the Mothers Trust (SMT), has won Charity of the Year award at the 7th British Muslim Awards that took place on on February 19th, 2019.

“This truly is a remarkable achievement,” SMT Project manager Mohammad Shahid said.

Based in Bradford, UK, the charity provides help to people in poverty and hardship who need an opportunity and support to become self-sufficient and independent.

Save the Mothers Trust started its journey in 2003 and is currently working in 14 countries; Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, DR Congo, Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Burma, Syria and Palestine.

UK Muslim Charity Recognized for Helping Moms and Orphans - About Islam

Helping people across the globe

“We’re not a charity that people see in front of their television screens or hear about on the radio yet, we are extremely proud that our work benefits people from across the globe as well as right here in the UK,” SMT spokesperson Ibrar Hussain said.

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Founders say the charity’s focus lies on long-term projects and making people self-sufficient, alongside providing emergency relief efforts across the world.

“The organization’s name, Save the Mothers Trust, reflects our belief that a mother or a motherly figure is the core of every family,” the charity’s website says.

“Our intention is to provide the correct support and assistance to these mothers and by doing so, we hope to save them and their future generations.”

Source: smtrust.org.uk

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