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Haroon Mota – Running to Make a Better Life for Others

In 2012, British Muslim runner Haroon Mota vowed never to take part in any marathons after being extremely exhausted while running in the London Marathon.

However, the death of his father in a car crash four years later has made him change his mind to honor his dad, who was always striving to make life better for others.

“He is my motivation and I’m determined to make this challenge a success,” Haroon told the BBC television.

Ever since, Mota participated in several marathons, climbing competitions and other sporting endeavors to raise funds for charities.

Haroon was a winner of this year’s British Muslim Awards for his efforts to raise funds for refugees and people in need.

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“I believe I am being commended for all of the good work that I do in the community,” said Haroon, the winner of the Spirit of Britain award.

“Taking on sporting endeavors. Supporting charitable causes. I run marathons. Climb mountains. Do all sorts of crazy, fun, adventurous things, to raise money for charities,” he said.

“It’s amazing to be recognized for this work and I hope more people can continue to support this so we can do more as a community together inshallah.”

In 2017, Haroon trekked to Mount Everest for Penny Appeal, a global, humanitarian charity working to provide water and food solutions, orphan care and medical aid in disaster and conflict areas.

Recalling the adventure, Haroon hailed the teamwork spirit while climbing Mount Everest.

“It’s just a small struggle that we face on a 12-day trek, but the money we are raising for the poor and needy refugees, people who have had to flee their homes and get rid of all of their luxuries, it was about them. And we were willing to sacrifice the warmth of our beds and the comfort of our homes and the luxuries that we have for this cause.”



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