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“Gifted With Cancer,” Ali Banat Works to Help Less Fortunate

Ali Banat, a wealthy man from Australia, had everything most young men could desire, from fast cars to designer clothes. But his life took a dramatic turn when doctors diagnosed him with cancer and gave him only 7 months to live. In an interview with the Living Muslim TV programme, he described his cancer as a ‘gift from God.’

Upon discovery of his sickness, he has refined his life by making dramatic changes which started with his charity project “Muslims Around The World” (MATW). Today, he is living life for the people and not for himself, claiming he’s never been happier.

“God has blessed me with cancer,” Banat said, allowing him to focus on the valuable things in life instead of chasing entities of the temporary world. Since being diagnosed with cancer, he has devoted his time to reflect, spend time with family, and to generally work on becoming a better person.

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The ‘Muslims Around the World’ Project was established immediately after Banat returned from his first trip to Africa in October 2015. MATW is a non-profit and community-based charity project which started through and is run by Banat, himself, to provide financial support and assistance to the less fortunate in Togo, Africa.

The charity project has raised over $2 million from supporters globally and is still ongoing today. All funds are divided amongst multiple projects, which include the construction of over two hundred homes, shops, schools, a college, two mosques, a medical center, and the first Islamic cemetery to be built in Togo.

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