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Jihad Turk on How He Grew Up With Islamic Values in the West

Video Interview

“An American kid from Arizona with an exotic name…” fought with his dad about having ‘Jihad’ or ‘Jay’ on his soccer roster. His dad won and Jihad went on to have pride in his Islamic identity. He even grew up to be the founding president of Bayan Claremont Islamic Graduate School, the nation’s first Muslim graduate school offering accredited Master’s degrees in the fields of Islamic Studies, Education, Chaplaincy and Leadership.

Turk spoke with Lauren Booth on Muslim youth facing their differences, using them for dialogue and to build positive identity. They also discuss the signs of children needing spiritual, mental and other help.

Turk reviews these three areas that are imperative for parents to understand to raise Muslim children:

1 – Create a Muslim Household

2 – Fully and Healthily Communicate with Your Children, Especially Teens!

3 – Make Prayer Time Special and Sacred as a Family

Watch video for Turk’s full excellent advice on raising children with a positive Muslim identity in the West:

Watch for more inspiration:

About Lauren Booth
Lauren Booth is an actor and author dedicated to creating space for authentic Muslim narratives. She is an influencer who presents talks and lectures on Islam and personal change at institutions around the world. Watch her Youtube channel here. Connect with Lauren for events here.