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Lauren Booth

About Islam UK Correspondent

Lauren Booth is a TV and radio presenter dedicated to creating narrative spaces for Muslims in the arts and online. She presents talks and lectures on the media, faith and politics at institutions around the world. Buy tickets HERE to watch Lauren perform her solo play ‘Accidentally Muslim’ at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe every day August 2019

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Feel Good Muslim - Episode 1

Feel Good Muslim – Episode 1

Sister Lauren Booth interviews a series of guests who will inspire you to become better Muslims and help you grow in faith and spirituality! In the first episode Sister Lauren talks to two Muslims who gave up the city life to become “Muslim hippies”!


Abba and Vegan Food: `Eid Is Fun! - About Islam

Abba and Vegan Food: `Eid Is Fun!

Everyone knows how to be a ’serious’ Muslim, right? Just grow a beard, wear loose clothes, scatter Arab words into your every day speech, never grin or (God forbid) laugh loudly in public and you’re seen as pious. What’s been forgotten in this race to out-pious one another, is this: Islam is meant to make …


Spiritual Activism: Lauren Booth’s RIS Experience - About Islam

Spiritual Activism: Lauren Booth’s RIS Experience

Lauren Booth tells her experience at the annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) convention held in Canada from Friday, December 21st through Sunday, December 23rd at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in the heart of downtown Toronto. Mosaic Nation Canada prides itself on being a nation that’s a cultural mosaic rather than a cultural mélange. …


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