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Raising Muslim Children in the West

Convert Parents: Benefiting from Non-Muslim Background

In this episode, Sr. Nichola explains how Muslim convert parents can benefit from situations they faced before embracing Islam; and why it is rather a plus when you have first hand experience about typical teenager issues in the West.

Peer Pressure and Islam

Peer pressure is specially strong during adolescence. Some behaviors considered normal in the West and not permitted in Islam, like boyfriend/girlfriend affairs, hanging out in clubs, trying alcohol and even drugs, etc. As a result, Muslim kids often face the contradiction of following their friends and their religion. How can Muslim parents resolve this conflict effectively? 

Sometimes a simple “not permitted in Islam” is not convincing enough. Could converts take advantage of their related experiences? Conveying the wisdom behind refraining from harmful things that seem fun and joy through your own life stories and decisions is a powerful parenting tool. 

Watch the video to find out how to use it!

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Episode 2