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Converting to Islam Saved His Life…

How does a young man change a life of crime and drugs to converting to Islam?

This is Louis’ amazing journey to Islam.

At school he was a C student, and spent a lot of time playing games on-line.

He later went to study IT, but was kicked out because of too many games he was playing.

He then went on to business studies, which opened his eyes to the real world of money and business.

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At that point, he developed a desire for earning a lot of money, so he started a small on-line business on e-Bay.

But after a while, that was not enough, and he started making money on the streets, getting involved with drugs.

One day on his way to a night club, he was arrested by the police who found a lot of drugs he was carrying.

He was sent to jail, and in jail he got a feeling he needed God in his life.

He asked for a Bible, and started reading it with passion.

In one night, he finished reading nearly one third of the Bible, and he then developed the need to pray to God.

When released from prison, we went to Gatwick where he has to start a new job, and at Gatwick he found a prayer room, so he started going there in his break hours.

He noticed people from different background praying in that room, and noticed that Muslims always washed before they prayed.

One night, he felt the need to pray in a church, but it was 10 o’clock and the church was closed.

On his way back, he sat on a bench in the park for a while, and to his surprise a young man he knew with whom he had many problems in the past came and talked to him.

He was very friendly and it turns out he had become Muslim.

It was Ramadan, and he was being very nice to him, apologizing for all what happened in the past.

One day, Louis went to gym, and a thought came to his mind that he also wanted to become Muslim.

He did not know where that thought came from but it kept coming to his mind, so he phoned up the friend he had met at the park, and took Shahada.

At that time, Louis was still involved in drugs and living rough, so his friends advised him to move, which he did.

In Somerset, he met some good Muslims who helped him change and live a better life as a practicing Muslim.

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