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Nichola Taylor: BA (HONS) European Studies with German language. Social Media Editor of About Islam and mother to my beautiful little girl.

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5 Tips For Exams During Ramadan

5 Tips For Students Taking Exams This Ramadan

Ramadan is a hard time for many of us with long summer hours of fasting and hot weather conditions. Alhamdulillah we will be rewarded for such conditions, but what about students who have exams during Ramadan? Their hardship is stressful! Don’t despair. Allah will always reward those who strive despite difficulties they are facing and …


Before You Judge Your Non-Hijabi Sister...

Before You Judge Your Non-Hijabi Sister…

Scrolling down through Facebook, an image of sisters in different stages of hijab was shown . It started with one who didn’t cover at all and ended with one in niqab. A debate was quickly sparked as to how we shouldn’t judge these sisters because the hijab journey is a very difficult one. As Muslim sisters, we …


The Future Is in Our Youth: RIS Convention

The Future Is in Our Youth: RIS Convention

This year I attended the RIS convention in Toronto for the first time. It is one of North America’s largest Islamic conferences, where Muslims from all over the world gather to hear renowned scholars, listen to fantastic nasheed artists and see what great goods they can buy from Muslim sellers. I was excited to listen …


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