How to Determine If I Am Mature Enough for Marriage

28 May, 2020
Q Hello, and thanks for providing this service. I genuinely didn't have any idea who to ask about this, and I hope maybe you can help me.

I am from a Muslim country. I managed Alhamdulillah to not engage in any haram relationships. I am 27 years old now, and for most of my life, I have regarded marriage as something that is not for me. That is changing as I have been working in a western country for a year now and I believe Alhamdulillah that I am financially stable.

I am also starting to feel a void inside me. Looking at people who are in happy marriages, I think this is something only a single person would experience. In short, I need to find me a bride, and this is starting to look like the hardest endeavor I ever had to undertake. But before I start looking, I want to make sure that I am 100% ready to be married.

So, there it is; I am a single man with no past experience in relationships, and I want to emotionally and mentally get ready for marriage. How do I know that I am mature enough, that I have the right mindset, and that my communication skills are on point? If I am not, how can I prepare myself.

Thanks and Jazak Allahu Khairan.


Salam ‘Alaikum,

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