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Getting Married? Here's Top 5 Muslim Honeymoon Destinations

Getting Married? Here Are Top 5 Muslim Honeymoon Destinations

As newly-weds, choosing a place to celebrate the start of your new life together can be both exciting and overwhelming. As Muslims we have a variety of travel needs, and Alhamdulillah, there are plenty of Muslim-friendly vacation spots to choose from. It was tough narrowing the possibilities down, but remember it’s not where you go to …

Is Love an Essential Ingredient Before Marriage?

Why are we still single? Are we going through a marriage crisis? Is love an essential ingredient before marriage? Please note this is part three of the post. If you haven’t had the chance to read part one and part two ,we recommend you do so to be able to understand the whole message. There are 8 essential …

Compatible couples

How Do You Know If the Two of You Are Compatible?

So, this is a good question 🙂 When you get attracted to someone, it could be hard to know if both of you are  compatible. But, there are signs that will help you figure it out. Watch this video by Half our Deen and  know the signs you should be looking for! how do you …

I Dislike Getting Married; I Don’t Want to Compromise

I Dislike Getting Married; I Don’t Want to Compromise

In this counseling answer: • In Islam, there is also balance. We are to have a balance in our lives for us to be productive, caring members of a community, get married Insha’Allah, have a family if one desires, as well as build a foundation for ourselves regarding career, family, and serving Allah. • Start a …

Dealing with the Pressure to Get Married - Tips for Muslim Youth

Dealing with the Pressure to Get Married - Tips for Muslim Youth

“Oh hey, sister, it’s been a while, how are you? How have you been?” “I’m doing great alhamdulillah; I just got a promotion at work, and I finished memorizing more of the Qur’an; my brother just had a baby girl.” “Oh, Masha’Allah… so when is it your turn to get married? How old are you now, by …


Marriage for Young Muslims: Making a Place of Love

Home is a place of love from which the body may leave but not the heart. No one has invented a place that provides tranquility and love; a soft place to fall, that is better than home. One’s happiest moment is entering a peaceful loving home. The human soul is joined for life to its …

Dos and Don’ts During Engagement

Dos and Don’ts During Engagement

The rules governing the engagement period in Islam are often clouded by various cultural practices and family traditions, leaving many engaged couples invariably confused.

Questions Muslim Girls Should Ask before Marriage

Questions Every Girl Should Ask before Marriage

Marriage is a serious contract that every Muslim girl should take very seriously. Getting to know your potential spouse is very important in the first stage. The best way to know each other is to ask questions. So here it is, a long list of the essential questions to ask a potential husband: What …


What Should I Ask A Potential Spouse?

Short Answer: Looking at our spouses should make us feel settled, home, comforted, and fulfilled. This is for one’s own spiritual/physical/emotional fulfillment. Keep on reading to check out the best questions to ask your potential spouse. …………. Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you so much for asking this very important question. Here are a few points to remember …

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