Husband Just Used Me; I Feel Impure & Worthless

27 May, 2019
Q Assalamu alaikum. I got married last year. It was an arranged marriage. After marriage, I realized he only married me to get sponsorship to Canada. He also drinks, is drug addicted, smokes 24/7 and he is a womanizer.

Before we got married, he had physical relationships with many women. He continued these relationships after marriage. He physically, emotionally and psychologically abused me. Not only him but his family abused me too.

My brother also died last year. Now my husband will divorce me because he says I am not good enough for him. I feel like a dirty, impure, used person. How could I have been so stupid? He never had any feelings for me, but I gave him everything. Is it because I gave him everything easily that he lost interest in me?

I feel like killing myself. There is no point in life. Why should I live when everything is going wrong? I feel useless, worthless and stupid. No one will ever want me, or care about me, or love me.


Salam Aleikom,

In this counseling answer:

There is no person that would worth throwing your life for.

Please, if you feel suicidal, call your local suicidal hotline!

Abusive people just try covering up their frustration about themselves this way.

Read about domestic violence.

Seek help from a counselor.

Talk to people who have been in such a situation; there are millions of women, unfortunately. Seek help from them.

Surround yourself with people who love you.

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